Stabby’s Got the Sads

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-Boohooville, Arizona Local demon Jodi Arias called out sick to court today. Just one day after getting convicted of the brutal first degree murder of Travis Alexander, Stabby Einstein came down with a sudden case of the human sads, and threatened to end her own worthless life. On TV! She’s…

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Hi everyone!!  I found a wonderful new juice vendor!  POTIONVAPE.COM. Thru Sunday, use gotsmok30 for 30% off his already good prices…each bottle made as its ordered in sterile laboratory…I chatted with this fellow for some time, and he’s a really NICE guy!!  CARAMEL TURTLE and COCO-ROONS, YUM YUM!!  $17.95 for 30 MLs..either 50/50 OR 100% […]


To Tom at Spinfuel

Hi, Tom! I am Via, the Vocal Vaper! I began vaping almost two years ago, using a Disposable sold by B__ eCigs! It didn’t take long for me to realize that 1) No disposable, no carto will equal a pack of cigarettes, 2) I needed a system that cost me less per DAY than analog […]

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