MamaVia Speaks-Odds and Ends

RMBD blog is up!

Anything you say May be Used Against You

Hi, everyone! I expect that Miss Kelly will be back in the next few days. In the interim, will you please lift up a prayer for her as she gets a little much needed R&R?

As I said, this post will contain some odds and ends….and a few observations….
I’ve been on jury duty most of the week; sadly, it was a DWI (alcohol) case, guilty as charged. Note to DCounty: please don’t call me for another year, Thank You!
Interesting to note that the “MDLR/Arias Assets Frozen” blog post written by a certain blogger of un-questionable credibility has mysteriously vanished from the Premire Investagatory News Network she posts to. A rumor started that the blog post was removed because “…sometimes articles go dark when the exclusive rights are being negotiated for things like…book deals? Also sometimes when a national newsoutlet picks something up the exclusivity is also contracted…

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