What is FUPA?

I actually posted this on REALLYBIGMEANDOG blog, but since I was especially proud of it, I’m posting it here, too!

Gramma used to say “you learn something new every day (unless you are VERY careful)!

Well, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve discovered something that “blew my socks off”, which, by the way, I learned a long time ago, can REALLY happen! But, I’m not going to get off track untill I get y’all as edified as I am…and that could take a while, because I am a Fount of Useless Fukking Information, let me assure you. (Which is why, by the way, the blog I (don’t) post on is called “Out In Left Field”…cuz that’s where I USUALLY find such Useless Information….out in Left Field!)

Was it only me who didn’t know what a FUPA is? Fatty Upper Pubic Area? I had no idea!! Evidentially, people are snapping pics of FUPA (what is the plural of FUPA? FUPAi?) if it’s a gaggle of geese, a pod of penguins, a murder of crows and a pride of lions…would it be a wedge of FUPA? A bloat of FUPA? A sag of FUPA? I guess I’ll have to think about that…

We’re you aware that entire websites devoted to FUPA now? From pics that reveal an innocent hint of FUPA on skinny models all the way to FUPA that has grown to humongous proportions..lthat begin somewhere around one’s second chin and extends to the ankles…often hanging out from under the FUPA-ees house dress and resting on stadium seating by its self, trying to look nonchalant!! I was amazed!

I remember having a DINKY FUPA way back in the third grade! Of course, I didn’t KNOW it was a FUPA…and I seemed to be the only 3rd grader who owned one of my very own..,and, over the years, pregnancies, etc, it has only gone on to evolve into a FUPA of amazing proportions! you’d think that because FUPA seem to be running rampant on members of both sexes…in a wide variety of sizes…that clothing designers would design FUPA-friendly clothing…but they don’t! So, to accommodate my FUPA, I’m forced to either purchase stretchy yoga pants OR jeans 3 sizes too large for my butt and which end up puddled around ny ankles when I stand up!

I can only guess that FUPA is an STD…and penicillin can’t cure it! Only a visit to Dr Plastic Surgert can cure it…and I don’t have an spectra 30 large to have the fat vacuumed to remove fat,,,so, these are not my golden years…but my FUPA years…

In silliest when I’m half asleep,,,so, I’m posting this and going back to the sofa for another nap!
LOOVE you all! Mama


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