Why “Nice Guys” Are Rarely Actually Nice

Classic! I suspect Arias/Alexander had some of this dynamic!

Thought Catalog

There’s been a surge of articles and posts about how nice guys are screwed because there are several girls who don’t notice their kind-heartedness or that these girls want to change the ‘bad’ boy types and therefore ignore the nice things done by the nice guys. And there’ve also been quite a few articles about the girls who do take advantage of these nice guys and how they are actually being quite mean. I think one more perspective needs to be added, which is really a question — “Are you really the nice guy?”

There are definitely people out there who fail to notice the kinder people in their lives. The kinder people offer support all the time, whether it be a normal day or a trying period in your life. They are kind to you, your family, even to your goldfish. They do their best to always choose the…

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