Does my boyfriend only like me for SEX?

How to tell if you are just a piece of ass….

1) does he call you at the last minute? Or make plans in advance?
There will always be “last minute” dates…but a constant stream of calling you at 7 to go out at 8 or 9 means his OTHER plans fell through, and you are a back up plan!
2) does he call BETWEEN dates? (Just to hear your voice! Or see how your day was?). Be careful if he is “too busy” to call occasionally during the week! If you are important, he will “make time” for you!
3) does he ONLY call late at night (or during work hours)?
The guy who only calls late at night is seeking “phone sex”…the one who ONLY calls during work hours is married!
4) does he send you home (or leave) right after you’ve had sex? BIG red flag! You’ve given him what he wants, now he’s going home, back to his life, and you are excluded!
5) does he make future plans with you, or is he vague & ambiguous?
Similar to #1…but not making plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas, July 4th, etc, usually means he isn’t that interested in you as a GIRLFRIEND! (No! DO NOT sneak through the doggie door and hide underneath the tree, you ARE NOT the “present” he wanted!)
6) does he talk about you, and how you FEEL, or talk just about sex?
If he can’t talk about how you feel, or what you think…he is either after ONLY SEX, or he is selfish! Quit wasting your time, dump him!
7) does he communicate using ONLY text messages?
He is probably hiding that he’s even talking to you to his REAL girlfriend (or WIFE)…he’s hiding you from his friends! If he has time to text, he has time to call!
8) does he “disappear” for days at a time?
He’s been “busy with work” or “too tired” to call…BUT, if he really cares, he will at LEAST call…no one works 24/7!
9) is he “booked” most weekends?
He’s married…or gas a girlfriend! Watch out for guys that are always “busy” with plans that exclude you most weekends!
10) does he introduce you to his friends and family? Does he say “my girlfriend” or just “friend”?
Not introducing you to his friends & family is a BIG RED FLAG! I accidentally ran into a boyfriend’s sister…and when I “defended” his actions to her…she said “I feel sorry for you…you don’t know ANYTHING about him! You need to RUN!” OMG, how RIGHT She was! I wish I had taken her advice…if a family member says you are dating an axe murderer…believe them!
11) has he ever said “no strings attached” or “I ONLY need a friend”?
LISTEN to what he says….don’t believe for a minute that YOU can “make” him change his mind, don’t think that you can “fix’ him! RUN!
12) does he say “you look great tonight!” Or “you look SO F**KABLE!”? If he can’t say something non-sexual…
13) are “dates” out and about? (The movies, grabbing a burger or dinner, etc) or are “dates” at HOME, always ending in bed? Self explanatory!
14) What does he LIKE about you? (for things OTHER than sexual)? Actually ASK him “what do you like about me?” Or “What do you “love” about me?” If he says “You have a great ass and you give great blow jobs!” this is man looking for sex…if he says “you are intelligent, kind and humorous” you have a keeper!
15) Does he say “I need more “space”, babe!” Or “I feel a little “crowded”. Or, the worst…”Right now, I’m really “CONFUSED”. His only “confusion” is trying to figure out how to tell you to go away, but keep putting out! Or to go away, and not make a big fuss in public…or to his friends and family!

Mamas, teach your daughters the signs, teach them to respect themselves! If all a girl WANTS is “no strings sex”, that’s fine….but for those that think he is SERIOUS…LEARN the CLUES…so you don’t have to murder him because he “used” you!


2 thoughts on “Does my boyfriend only like me for SEX?

  1. There is an outstanding web site called that deals exactly with this issue with men and many more!
    You were right on track with your questions – Natalie’s posts also help with understanding how we get ourselves in these situations, how to recognize them quickly, and how to get ourselves out of them feeling clear and good about ourselves, acting with dignity and self-respect.

    1. Thank you for your comment and the website referral! I will check it out! You are correct! The biggest issue is lacking self-respect! You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else!


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