To Tom at Spinfuel

Hi, Tom!

I am Via, the Vocal Vaper! I began vaping almost two years ago, using a Disposable sold by B__ eCigs! It didn’t take long for me to realize that 1) No disposable, no carto will equal a pack of cigarettes, 2) I needed a system that cost me less per DAY than analog cigarettes, one that was easy to fill and maintain, and 3) the system needed to produce enough vapor and have enough flavor that I would USE it, rather than put it into the junk drawer and go back to buying cigarettes again! The B__ disposable provided enough vapor, but, the flavor was less than satisfying, so I continued to smoke in addition to vaping.  

Like many folks, I did a google search, and ended up with an unscrupulous retailer (who is now out of business).  Their product was expensive, their shipping questionable, and their product unreliable. And, worst of all, I went back to analogs. I had been smoking since 1967, and I KNEW I needed to break my habit before it killed me.

I started researching; I was looking for a better answer to my vaping dilemma, and I began the blog named “TheVocalVaper” to discuss my experiences; to help others that had the same problems. Later, I purchased a King Diamond starter kit from Vapor4Life and I haven’t smoked an analog since then. 

I have tested Egos, Spinners, DAVs, Zeus, ProVaris and numerous other batteries, so do not assume that I am a “Fan Boy” of Vapor4Life, they offer some excellent products, but I use OTHER products from OTHER vendors, too. I believe in open discussions of e-cig products and retailers. No amount of “sales talk” will convince you to “like” V4L if you don’t LIKE them, but I wouldn’t write them off without a little more information.

Vapor4Life offers a Value Starter Kit for $49.95. It contains two generic KR808-d1, similar to Halo G6.
The $75 starter kit that Vapor4Life offers is an entirely different e-cig. Comparing the G6 to either the King Diamond or the Titan is like comparing a Kia to a Cadillac. The King Diamond and Titan are Enhanced KR808-d1 batteries, with better airholes, better switches and higher mAH rating due to LiPo4 cells, these are high drain, providing 3.85v (nominally 3.97v on Titan). These batteries range from 180 to 420 mAH, depending on length of battery. While I respect that you, personally, prefer to pay a lower price for an ASHCAP from Halo, you are being unfair comparing an ash cap to a Titan. It’s like saying “my husbands CTSV costs $45k more than my Kia, therefore, my Kia is “better”. It has been my experience that with e-cig batteries, you get what you pay for! If paying an extra $10 buys me a more powerful battery that lasts longer, then it makes sense to do so.  I am STILL using the King Diamond batteries that I purchased in February, 2012! (Your mileage may vary)

This mAH and volt talk used to confuse ME…it still does to some extent…but I will tell you why it is important. With e-cig batteries, size IS important. The larger the battery, the more cells and the more power a battery can contain. Batteries are rated as mAH, miliamps per hour. The larger the battery, the longer a charge will last you. A 95 mAH mini-ego may last you an hour, while a 320 mAH V4L Titan XL will last 8 to 9 hours! On the V4L website, each battery has a ton of information, including mAH, charge time, vape time, etc.  They WANT you to be a fully informed SUCCESSFUL vaper! 

Additionally, V4L offers 2 different style cartos, the “regular” and the “WOW”. (Usually rated in “ohms”) The “regular” carto has a higher resistance, produces a “cooler” Vaper, while the WOW carto lower resistance and a warmer vapor! The Regular and WOW cartos are available in both prefilled AND blank.  A Vaper can match his battery, carto and e-liquid to obtain a vape which satisfies and keeps him vaping (not smoking)!  

Two more “little” notes…Vapor4Life runs specials and coupon offers often, just sign up on the website, Facebook or twitter…I’ve been lucky enough to catch a “Spin the Wheel” coupon for over 40 percent off!! Just last week, the Memorial Day sale was 20% off! So, once you factor in the savings using coupons, you get a superior product at the price you pay for other brands! Just beware of things that you buy only for “low price” ..there is a lot to be said for VALUE!

Vapor4life has a presence on ECF, of course, but they also have a VERY active website forum! I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Mr. Morandir and others presence on the forum, helping me understand product, showing me things like “how to fill a carto”, or helping me when “this isn’t working, it’s midnight and I need HELP!”…WITHOUT them, I could have easily failed the switch to ecigs! Needless to say, that’s where I learned about mAH and volts!! In addition to the two forums, V4L also has LIVE Customer Service, Twitter, and Facebook presence! 

As far as the “Zeus”…I “pacify” vape mine…and it gives me EXCELLENT vapor for MORE THAN 12 hours per charge…AND I can use it as a PT! You might want to try it!  By the way, P.Busardo gave it an excellent review! (And a little criticism, too!!). I don’t think ANYONE likes to be criticized…(I know I don’t like it much!) but over the past year or so, I have written several reviews about Vapor4Life that were fair and honest. I’ve never heard feedback that V4L was unhappy with me. (NO, I don’t get PAID, either! Nor am I an affiliate or related to V4L)

You and I agree that the primary function our blog postings are to assist our readers and help them make good choices for hardware, juices and assessories, to help them be successful in their vaping experience. That’s all that matters!
Take care,
Via, The Vocal Vaper


5 thoughts on “To Tom at Spinfuel

  1. Thanks for the honest review. I’ve been using V4L product for about 2 years and have tried just about everything on the market (I do not get paid by them and am not affiliated with them in any way) – I just have to chime in because even though there were issues here and there with their products (small issues) – as soon as I brought it to thier attention they fixed the problem and stood solidly behind their product which surprised me at first. But most of thier products are excellent… however – I recently have had life threatening health issues and 2 life saving surgeries – I cannot take in ANY nicotine – but love to vape and love the throat hit…. What the heck was I going to do… have to go to tanks and a 5V but my surgery left me with little use of my hands… it was hard – then they came out with the ZEUS and it is honestly the best vape I have ever had!! I am amazed by it! I can vape 0mg nicotine and get that honest great throat hit. I had to change my flavors up and experiment given the change in nicotine from 18mg or 11mg to 0mg (caramel frapachino is my go to fave)…. Just one glitch – a batch of “smileomizers” the cartos you fill for the Zeus went a little wonky and they only lasted a short time… not all but there was a manufacturing defect or something – but the company took care of me on that one – and they know which batches (only one small batch was partially defective) – Soooooo I just had to comment on the Zeus because I’d have to quit vaping if it were not for that… or slow down considerably. Oh, you can also use their tanks with the Zeus which works great too… but not quite like the smileomizer! Had to sing thier praises!

    1. Nikki, I hope you are “on the mend”!! V4L was my first “real” vaping company…(the vapes from the convenience store don’t count!). I started with V4L about two years ago…and I found them to be VERY supportive!! And GREAT customer service!! I bought 4 Smileomizers 3 months ago, and they are STILL going strong!! I just LOVE my Zeus and my DAV!! I get almost ALL of my vape hardware from V4L now…I get juice elsewhere, because I prefer fresh USA juice…thanks for your comment!!!

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