Beginning Vaper 411–What You Really Need To Know

I am just one VERY small voice in a growing choir of Vapers.  It IS confusing to anyone wanting to find information about vaping…WHO can you TRUST? WHO should you listen to? WHAT products will HELP YOU?

First, please look around on this page.  You do not see any affiliate links, you won’t see any links within my text.  Anything that I recommend to you, you must go to your browser, type in the web address yourself, and find the information.  I receive no money, no free product, I am not compensated IN ANY WAY when I give you my advice and recommendations.  

When I recommend something, it worked for ME. It may or may not work for you, but you received my opinion without it being tainted by advertising money, or to maintain the products in my vape closet.  If I don’t like it, I will tell you THAT too, but, honestly, I have only so much time in a day, so much time to vape, so much time to write, so I don’t waste much time on things that are to gross to write about.

So, with that said…what is the most IMPORTANT thing about buying your very first vaping Starter Kit?  THAT YOU USE IT!  If you DONT use it, and it sits in top of the fridge collecting dust as you continue to smoke, whether it cost you $30 or $300, it is wasted money. And you are still killing yourself!

Most vapers, in the beginning, want a “Cig Alike”. A battery and carto that look, feel and taste “JUST like a CIGARETTE”. I did too. I understand. But the majority of vapers move on to filling their own cartos, using tanks or clearos, and then buy larger batteries. It’s a process, a growth experience. Occasionally, you might find a Vaper that uses a cig-alike for years, and that’s okay too. Remember, what ever keeps you from smoking analogs (cigarettes) is “the right system” for YOU! And that’s all that matters!

There are three components to “a good vape”: the battery, the carto (or clearo) and the juice. It’s important that you understand more than just “how much does it cost?” when buying a new starter kit. How powerful is the battery? How warm or cool will the vapor be in the carto? Most vendors won’t tell you, and it is the most important information.

Which of the below is the “best buy”?
Company A: Two batteries, 5 cartos, a charger for $49.95
Company B: Two batteries, 5 cartos, a charger for $59.95

That’s right, you don’t know!
What type of battery do you get? How powerful?
What is the warranty?
Are the cartos LR (low resistance) or standard?
Does the company offer Advanced Vaping devices?
Is a coupon available? (Company B offers a 20% discount!)
How many flavors are available?
Does the company also sell e-juice so I can refill my cartos?
Can I purchase replacement batteries?
Can I use Clearos or tanks on the battery?
What kind of Customer Support does the company offer?
Does the company have a forum where I can ask questions 24/7/365?
Is the company on Facebook or Twitter?

To be continued….


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