A Few Thought About: COLOR!

Like you, Gentle Readers, I have an inquiring mind!  Recently, I came across a “color forecast” and I wanted to share some thoughts with you…perhaps easier explained with photos rather than a plethora of words…

One of Pantone’s “color of the year, 2013” selections is: Emerald Green!


After staring at this color sample for a while, I realized that the color is REALLY “Dark Mint Green”


Can you see that those two colors are “in the same “family”? Only the “saturation ” or “intensity” of the color is different!  On the color wheel, the color in photo #1 is closer to the center, photo #2 is mixed with more white, taking it more toward the pastels.  This is a very “HOT” color right now; I saw that Coach is offering a few handbags in this color. (I seem to remember its named “Mediterranean”, or something similar. UNFORTUNATELY, unless you are Miss GotRocks, and an AFFORD to drop several hundred dollars on a handbag that will have only limited use for one season, I would recommend a “pass”.  I found a cute skort in this color and purchased it…it’s a “fun” color!

If this color really SPEAKS to you, add it to your home interior by introducing new pillows, accent pieces, or, my FAVORITE accessory: LAMPS! You might also try adding the color to your blog design by specifying typographic elements, backgrounds, etc! Have fun with this color!

One called Tide Pool…



Green is actually a “neutral”, it just “goes” with everything, and different shades and hues work well together.


Just PROMISE me that yoU WON’T DO THIS:


Photos courtesy of Maria Killiam


5 thoughts on “A Few Thought About: COLOR!

  1. I would totally turn that hat into a planter filled with orange flowers, and that jacket shirt thing would make exceptional couch cushions.
    Great blog Via.

    1. Well, you know, I have to work really, REALLY HARD to get a blog published that is HALF as good as yours! But, maybe my enthusiasm and love of a good story trumps my lack of journalistic skills! I’m having major “WTF I’m Addicted To The Stabby Show” withdrawals! What’s the next one going to be? Zimmerman or Andrea?

    1. I love the color-wheel! It was difficult for me to understand at first, but once I finally “got it”, my art improved immensely, shall we chat about color more often? What are your favorite colors?

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