The Vocal Vaper–Back to “Real Life” (Part A)

The Vapor4Life Zeus, my FAVORITE battery!

Well, now that the Jodi Arias trial is over…for the next few months, anyway…we can get back to the serious business of VAPING!!

I have been AMAZED at HOW MANY new and experienced vapers I’ve met recently…from meeting an analog smoker, a nice lady about my age who I “met” on an Arias Trial forum, who wanted to know more about vaping…to the young lady sitting outside the grocery store waiting for her husband, her ego in one hand and the dogs leash in the other….and the nice lady I met at Steinmart, who proudly showed me her new ProVari!  

I always give folks i chat with my blog address, but, if I’m not posting any new information, I’m not much help at ALL am I???  So, I need to write something productive, and stop worrying about whether Jodi Arias gets the conviction she so truly deserves (yes, GUILTY! Thank you, Jury!)  and whether she deserves the death penalty or not (I don’t blame the jury for not being able to come to a decision, I can’t make the decision, either!)

So, for all of my new friends just now following, perhaps a quick review is needed….really, I shouldn’t blame my “new friends”… I’ve not been consistent in getting posts written! So, i think maybe a quick review is needed!

I started smoking in 1967.  I began by stealing my dad’s smokes: unfiltered Lucky Strike (extra points if you know what LSMFT means!)  He later changed to Pall Mall unfiltered and then to Pall Mall Gold 100s.  I would either filtch a pack that was a quarter to half full, and then laugh as he searched high and low for the pack he “knew he left somewhere”!!!  Or, I would pick up a cigarette he had just lit….and again watch him wonder where he left it!  I was SUCH a bad child!

Later, I began buying my OWN.  When I joined the military, a pack was 28 cents.  I swore I would quit when a pack went to a dollar…another swear at 2 bucks, and three bucks and four bucks and five bucks…well, you get the idea…but I really didn’t get SERIOUS about quitting untill I began having attacks at night…it scared the HELL out of me when I couldn’t BREATHE!!  Even more frightening was the LOUD wheezing coming from my lungs while I was doing nothing more than just laying on the sofa watching TV!  I KNEW I had to do SOMETHING!!

When my son introduced me to a Blu e-cig and I LIKED it, I was SOLD!!!  

Rather than bore you with the “drama” I experienced with my first on-line e-cig order, please read SPINFUELs article “Avoid E-Cig Scams” which is here: This article has a LOT of great information!! I read SPINFUEL OFTEN!! and they ALWAYS offer great reviews, information and ideas! DEFINATELY add the e-zine to your reading list! Read their “Guide to Vaping”, a wealth of information, and a LOT of help!

I have been “scammed” twice, and both times, I’ve kicked myself for “being so stupid”! That was one of the reasons I began this blog…I wanted others to avoid the mistakes that I made thru my naivety.

A Beginning Vaper “usually” starts with what is called a “Cig Alike”; an ecig that resembles an analog cigarette in many ways. Most are white, with a Cartomizer which resembles a filter, that contains a filler which holds the e-juice. The MAJOR drawbacks to a Cig Alike is that cartos are fairly expensive, the flavors are limited to what the retailer has decided to fill them with and the batteries don’t have enough power. I would guess that 90 percent of Vaping Failures are due to Cig Alikes.

After investing $40 to $300 on a “starter kit” the smoker realizes that the flavor in the Cig Alike tastes lake old tennis shoes, or just doesn’t provide enough nicotine to satisfy. Additionally, “most” of the Cig Alike retailers tell the fib “a carto is equal to a pack of cigarettes”…excuse me while I say Bull!! A carto holds approximately .9 ml of e-juice, and I do not vape as much as most vapers do, but I STILL vape 3-4 ml a day…which means I would need 3-5 cartos per day, not just ONE!! The “average” cost of a 5 pack of cartos is about $10, but if the juice in the carto doesn’t satisfy the nicotine need, a Vaper can go thru twice as many cartos in a day! So, I often encourage a Vaper to graduate to buying e-juice and filling their own cartos rather than purchasing pre-filled cartos!

This shows the relative size of the different batteries offered by V4L

I had my BEST Cig Alike experience with Vapor4Life. The reasons I like Vapor4Life so much is that they offer many different styles of batteries, from "ash-cap" white cig Alikes all the way to the more advanced Zeus (which I LOVE!). They also offer MANY! MANY! different flavors of prefilled cartos AND they offer Sampler Pack cartos (5 different flavors) so that you can sample different flavors before spending a LOT of money! They also have a forum where you can ask questions 24 hours a day as well as chat with beginners & experienced vapers and get more information and fellowship! I can HONESTLY say that my success with vaping is due to Vapor4Life Forum and the products they offer. I HIGHLY recommend them to beginning vapers. ALWAYS check their Facebook and/or Twitter pages for coupons and sales before placing your order. For ME, the only drawback with Vapor4Life is that their e-juice and prefilled cartos do not use USA juice, and I prefer USA juices to any other. BUT…until you learn your OWN preferences, non-USA juice is fine. My favorite juices from vapor4life are their coffee juices and vanilla. I vaped almost all of their menthol juices, too, which are all very good…but,I don't vape menthol any more…too reminiscent of analogs (UGH!)

Once you get and IDEA of what KIND of juices you like: menthol, tobacco, deserts, fruits, bakery, etc…you can STILL use V4 batteries and cartos, and fill with juices from other retailers! (Its no crime to fill a V4L carto with a juice from somewhere else!!)

I’ve run LONG again…I still have a few things to discuss, but it will have to wait till tomorrow…till next time, HAPPY VAPING!!


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