TheVocalVaper: Stabby Scarias and surviving The Trial

Oh!  How I wish I could be as funny as !!  If you haven’t read her blog, do so!  One funny (and informative) lady!

Firstly, I guess I don’t have enough to do…never mind the house is a disaster area, the clean laundry is piled in several baskets in the laundry room, the dishwasher is full of clean dishes (I think), the carpets need vacuumed and the tile swept and the dog has pulled everyone of his toys from his area and left them for us humans to step on, trip over, or in the case of his recently chewed rawhide, squish between our toes, if we aren’t careful…but, I’ve been on the sofa, glued to TRUTV or HLN since January 2nd, watching the Saga of Stabby Scarias…acting like I’ve nothing better to do! My only redemption is that I’ve managed to start about 8 or 10 crochet projects, and actually managed to FINISH one! Yea, me!

I’m not sure exactly WHY I have become so emotionally invested in something that doesn’t affect me in the least…I don’t KNOW Little Miss Stabby; Jenny, the wannabe Prom Queen; or Alfred E. “Wake Me When Its Over” Nurmi…I’ve never met Mr. Juanderful…nor do I know Travis Alexander and family/friends…heck, I’ve only DRIVEN THROUGH Phoenix, and that was at NIGHT!! So, why do *I* give a flip about what is going on in Phoenix? (Especially when I could be folding my ever-suffering dear husband’s tee-shirts and matching his socks in pairs?) All I can say in my defense is “at least I’m not one of the loonies at City Center cheering the verdict!”…nope, I stayed home and cheered…in between vapes on my new V4L Zeus!

Is Little Miss Stabby the first person who would rather destroy someone/something than let him/it go? Nope. Every mother alive has witnessed the “bad” child, who, when forced to share the toy, breaks it just before surrendering it to another. “If I can’t enjoy it, you won’t either!”

None of us will EVER know what REALLY happened. We can’t trust a WORD Miss Stabby says…Mr.Juanderful can’t tell everything HE knows because Stabby “deserves a fair trial” (which is more than she gave Travis!) The Prom Queen and Mr BarcaLounger, assuming that they KNOW the truth, can’t tell…(like Kardashian, they will die with their secrets!) And neither of them have done their careers any favors by representing this admitted MURDERER! Nurmi has supposedly left the Public Defenders office and opened his own practice…but, I would have to be pretty darned DESPERATE to hire an attorney that barely stays awake during trial!

My dad used to say “don’t judge a book by its cover”…but all the information the jurors had to work with were the visual “cover” that Numb Nurmi presented: he appeared slovenly, he moved and spoke at a snails pace, he has some VERY irritating habits….and PERHAPS it was at Miss Stabby’s direction, but he seemed to get a real thrill everytime he said “3-hole-wonder” or talked about anal sex! No, he didn’t have much of a defense to work with…and Stabby was busy, behind Numb Nurmi’s back, murdering her own defense! As a defendant, you just DON’T flip the bird at the general direction of the Prosecutor/jury…and, after being accused of slashing someone’s throat, do you do a “throat-slashing” motion toward the Prosecutor!

Stabby has mental problems, no doubt about it…but don’t we all have some sort of “issue” to work out? But, she wasn’t so “crazy” as to not KNOW what she was doing to Travis Alexander! I can’t help but to think that she “hoped for the best, but prepared for the worst” when she went to Mesa. I believe she called him to see if he was “home”…and alone…and then showed up to “surprise” him. I believe that they had sex…she thought it was “make-up sex”…he didn’t…I believe that she left the house…he got into the shower…and she came back…

Whether he was surprised in the shower, or whether he allowed the photos is up for argument…but she began stabbing him in the shower…he went to the sink, coughing; she was stabbing him in the back…he ran down the hall and fell, several times…she straddled him, pulled his head back, slit his throat…and then, dragged him back to the shower to rinse the DNA from his body…I believe that in his death throes, his muscles spasmed, scaring her, so, the shot to the head, to be sure he was dead.

I believe that her actions from there were scattered…she deleted the photos on the camera, maybe put the camera on the bed when she was done…tried pouring water on the carpet, and realized it only made a bigger mess…grabbed the sheets off the bed, didn’t realize the camera was in the sheets and put them into the washer…

There is no doubt in my mind that Miss Stabby believes every word she says! I was once engaged to a fellow who was a clinically diagnosed BPD, with “no conscience”. He REFUSED to take medications to help himself. He never told me himself that he had been to prison for forcing his “best friend’s daughter” to “orally copulate” him…but I DID find out! When I asked “why didn’t you tell me?” “Because I knew you would never date me if you knew.” Besides, it “wasn’t my fault” he said “she MADE me do it!” And, by the way, what kind of person was *I*, “snooping around” in his “private business”? It was MY fault! He believed every word he said to me! NOTHING was EVER HIS RESPONSIBILITY! When he lied on his job application about his history, it wasn’t HIS fault he was an ex-con, or his fault that he LIED…it was the City of Sacramento! What were THEY doing, running a background check the week after they hired him? This is Miss Stabby…

If only Travis hadn’t changed her name off of the tickets for the trip to Cancun…If only Travis hadn’t said “NO, Mimi is going with me…” If only…if only…if only…but NONE of it is Miss Stabby’s fault…

Does she deserve death? OMG, I am so glad that I do not have to make THAT decision! I DO believe that she shouldn’t be out among us. She shouldn’t be selling her “art” (and I use that term VERY loosely) and she shouldn’t be pimping “survivor” t-shirts. She shouldn’t be profiting from her notoriety! And hopefully, all of her “followers” will find something to fill their empty lives. (I’m sure these are the same Casey Anthony groupies!) Miss Stabby needs some “time out”…to be alone without any crayons, without anyone to help her send her inane tweets, without the TV cameras focused on her…but there is no way to keep her from enjoying “life” without the Death Penalty. Without the DP, she will still have her “followers”, everyone will want to be her friend (after all, how many convicts have several thousand dollars in their commissary?) and she will still have crayons and paper and pencils to “do art” and send it to Donavan or her brother or her mother…and if Mommie was willing to pimp those forged “Pedo” letters to the National Enquirer, what else will Mommie do? (AND speaking of Mommie, et al…will SOMEONE PLEASE tell them that they look like BOVINES with their CUDS when they chew GUM in COURT??? PAHLEEEEZE!!!!)

One last rant…and the I will move on….Nurmi the Numb tried to get off of this case at LEAST FOUR times since he was assigned…the last time he was ORDERED by the court to defend this loser…which is probably why he dislikes her “9 days out of 10″…(10 is PAYDAY)…I don’t like her much either…what I’ve seen of her…she is a manipulative skank! My bet as to what happened on Thursday? Either Nurmi tried to quit (again) or Stabby tried to fire him (again)…and the court ordered a mental evaluation to be completed.

But…remember, a personality disorder or a mental defect does NOT equal “not guilty due to insanity”. Insanity means you don’t know right from wrong. If she hadn’t known right for wrong, she wouldn’t have tried to hide it, lied about it or pretended she was in a “fog”…

My prayers are for Travis Alexander’s family. My prayers are for the jury. My prayers are for us, as a community; that mothers and fathers can raise their children to be productive members of our society…and to see when our children need more help than we can give them.


One thought on “TheVocalVaper: Stabby Scarias and surviving The Trial

  1. By the way…for those who believe “self defense” was the issue…

    1) why did Alfred E. “Wake Me When Its Over” Nurmi throw out “Just give her manslaughter, folks.” during his closing, instead of “She was PROTECTING herself! Really!” defense?
    2. If Travis didn’t “I’ll f-ing kill you bitch!” over fing up his CAR, why would he do so for a flipping camera? STUPID defense!
    3. Why MURDER Travis not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES? Once would have been enough…
    4. A woman WITH clothing on is able to run OUTSIDE easier than a wet, naked guy…why choose murder over “RUN AWAY!!!!!”
    5. What sense does it make to run to the closet for an UNLOADED gun instead of OUTSIDE?
    6. If it had been simple SELF DEFENSE, it would have been EASY to dial 911 and say “I had to kill a man who attacked me!” He is laying naked, with 29 stab wounds, a shot to the head and a slit throat in his shower, naked! Come HELP me!”
    7. Even in her after conviction interview, she didn’t say “this is so wrong, I was defending myself!”
    8. “Mark my words, no jury will convict me, because I am innocent!” NOT “Mark my words, no jury will convict me, because I was defending myself!”
    9. Did she even call an ambulance for Travis? Or did she let him bleed out in the shower? Cold, alone and dying…and KNOWING it!
    10. A jury of her PEERS…who never heard any of the things you andi have…judged her GUILTY of premeditated murder. The end.

    For those of you who believe self-defense…go look at the graphic photos of this man, dead for a week…his throat slit to the spine…go look at it…you will be as disgusted as those of us who have seen that picture.

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