The Vocal Vaper: Still In Love With Zeus

Last week I gave you a quick review of Vapor4Life’s Mod of Mods, the Vapor4Life Zeus, and talked about my “first impressions”. I will bet that a few of you thought “Sure, that’s what she says now, but give her a week, and she will find a new gadget to fall in love with!” Well, you are right that I “sometimes” do that….but, this time, its “true love”!

The more I choose the Zeus, the more I use the Zeus! I bought the Zeus Dual Mode Starter at $99.96, and two extra Smilomizers on sale at $7.50 each. The kit includes one Dual Mode Battery, 2 Smileomizers, a USB charging cable, a SlimLine USB adapter/charger AND a 30 ml bottle of V4L eJuice. I’ve come to realize over the past week that I need to order a “back-up” Zeus battery, on sale now for $64.95 ($40 off) and, of course, some extra Smileomizers!

I haven’t been in control of my ADD for a while, so, I haven’t a clue as to how long it takes the Zeus to recharge (and yes, I HAVE been “naughty” and pushed my Zeus to “blink”!). It is then that I’m forced to go back to either my Kanger on Spinner set or my Phiniac on ProVari setup (oh, boo-hoo, huh?). But, as I’ve told several of my vaping friends, I IMPATIENTLY wait for the Zeus to indicate a full charge!

In life, I’ve discovered that it is important to at least be AWARE of the pros and cons of a new Love Interest…yes, my new husband snores, and drives me to the sofa on numerous occasions…but his better qualities so far OUTWEIGH that little snoring problem that I just don’t care!! (An ex of mine informed me that I was a SNORER too, caused by my (now resolved) teeth/sinus problems…but rather than trying any other solution, he elbowed me HARD in the exact spot on my spine where I have a herniated disk, to express his displeasure…needless to say, THAT’S why that man is an EX!! He’s lucky I didn’t go “Jodi Arias” or “Lorena Bobbitt” on him after the third or fourth “POKE” he dished out!)but I digress (again).

So, lets try to compare a few things:
Price: ProVari $179. Zeus (battery only). $64.95. Zeus
Expected Life: Provari-forever. Zeus-12-24 months(estimates) ProVari
Warranty: ProVari- one year. Zeus: 90 days. ProVari
Regulated 5V: both, draw… (ProVari gets point for being VarVolt)
Weight: ProVari is VERY heavy,Zeus is very LONG, I’m calling It a draw!

Who wins? Depends on what your needs are…I DO love my ProVari, don’t misunderstand…nothing else comes near the quality machining, the materials, and even the esteem the vape community has for the ProVari! But would I literally toss it into my handbag with a couple of Phiniac tanks and leave home for the day? No. Would I set up my ProVari with one of my beautiful Kir Fanis tanks and take my 8 month old puppy out for his Daily Constitutional? No, he drags me this way and that…chases magnolia tree leaves, wants to play with every other 4-legged fur-baby in the community, and is a general pain-in-the-drain on our walks! I’m not saying that I WANT to drop my Zeus into the storm drain on purpose…what I AM saying is that the Zeus is easier for my old arthritic hands to hold on a rainy day, or when Boo, the French BullDog takes me for his walk…it would be a LOT easier for me to replace a broken, bent, misused and abused Zeus than it would be to replace my ProVari/Phiniac setup….AND I’m getting a SUPERIOR vape from Zeus during my walk, too!!!

I still have a few more thoughts…I LOVE to “stealth vape” when I go to the movies…until Zeus, only the ProVari has a button that doesn’t LIGHT the room when it is pressed! (You can turn the button light off!) the Zeus doesn’t have an adjustable light, BUT, the light is such a SOFT GREEN color (and because it is square, easily covered with your hand) it doesn’t look like a car headlight in the back row of the theater! The same applies when I wake up at 3 am, next to my (softly snoring, light-sleeper) husband…often, a few inhales on my APV will help put me back to sleep!

A little over a year ago, V4L offered an ego style battery with “Ego Mega Cartos”…I fell in LOVE with them too…the issue with them was that the Mega Carto weren’t dependable! Depending on factors that I never really understood, a Mega might last 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months! It was VERY frustrating for me, and a major reason I started looking for alternatives…the frustration overwhelmed the benefits!

My week-old Smilomizers are all vaping just like they did on day One…and one I even filled with a Known Cartomizer-Killer Juice! I will continue to update the Life of a Smilomizer here, and we will see what “average life” is!

That’s all for today, everyone! As always, feel free to ask questions, make comments, etc. And remember, I don’t care WHAT you vape…just THAT you vape, instead of the nasty alternative!

Long Life to all of us!


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