Geffner Wanders in From the Fog

Ok, ok…so I’m a “mean girl” by laughing at this!! I just LOVED the visuals painted by this bloggers words!! Kudos, EggTree!! The VocalVaper

EggTreeNews Blog

– WhyisThisManHere, Arizona

The long lost love child of Vincent Price and Colonel Sanders took the stand today in the agonizing scuttlebuttsurrebuttal phase of the Jodi Arias trial. The psychology “diplomate” crawled out of a crypt deep within Jodi’s fog to testify ALL DAY to his credentials, his education… and the fact that he never talked to defendant Stabby Einstein, or bothered to read a single police report. Nonetheless, Dracula’s butler says he no-likey young whipper-snapper Janeen DeMarte’s diagnosis of BPD, and (more importantly), he’s totally on Team Jenny for Homecoming Queen. 

Yup. Awesome. 

Stabby’s a real trooper; she doesn’t let a little thing like sedatives keep her from the all-important task of staring down the jury. Even when semi-comatose, the dedicated demon still glares while jotting down personal reminders to swallow all of their souls by the end of the day. 

Wilmott’s mysterious bald spot has reappeared. Methinks Stabby threw…

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