The Vocal Vaper–A note to Deanna Reid

Miss Reid–of course, you don’t know me, or the thousands of us that were standing behind you, praying for you during your hours on the stand testifying for Travis Alexander.  But I wanted to tell you that in the face of adversity, you were “one class act” my friend.  I’m sure that your parents and family members were so proud of you.  So many of us are sorry for your loss of a friend and more.  And you remain in our prayers as you go forth into the world.  You deserve so much from life, and I know you will achieve your goals and dreams…your inner light shines, and people who are lucky enough to have you in their lives are truly blessed. You are strength in the face of adversity.


2 thoughts on “The Vocal Vaper–A note to Deanna Reid

  1. Great citizenship, vocalvapor! Would do the same if I had a format for doing so. Hope the young lady receives your message. Wasn’t she sterling?! Sadly, said adios to tt, today. On principle as I have absolutely no clue what riled her so. Boy, did NOT see that coming. We’re a few hrs behind, here, &, so, I feel, in retrospect, that I woke up to a crash scene, one car already hauled away, one still smouldering. Surprised “t” had enough room up her kazoo to fit all & sundry, trying to climb their way up there. Generally, I don’t talk this way, but, wow, haven’t seen such behavior since, what, grade 5. O, if this isn’t the vocalvapor, I hope it is, please just eat this paper. Thank you.
    Miss you, kid! Jane

  2. Also, WELL-WRITTEN site, vv! Reading away & learning, learning. BTW, you’re important to the opinion & culture over yonder, & your relationship is longstanding. Don’t stay away, yourself. I was a newbee – easy come/easy go. Take care! Again, nice writing! J

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