The Vocal Vaper:

This has been a difficult year for me.  I had the “best intentions” to get my blog written on more than just a sporadic basis…yet…here we are, in late April, and nary a word written.  I think that it is because I have so many things to write about that I don’t know where to begin, which throws that “procrastination wrench” Into my plans.

As many of you know, I suffer with several health issues. Most of you know about my degenerative spine and that the bursa in my hips hate me. But I also fight “chronic depression”…one day, when I am in the right mood, perhaps we can talk about it. There are hundreds of blogs that the author details his/her fight with BI-Polar, depression, suicidal ideation, etc. And, I mean no disrespect to these folks (trust me, I UNDERSTAND what they are experiencing!), but sometimes, reading their sorrows and their struggles only tends to put a spin on my own emotional health! It’s hard enough fighting your OWN “black dog”..adding a few more “black dogs” to the pack only leads you to getting more “dog bites”…and those suckers HURT!!

So, if I read your blog, and it is based on your struggles with mental health, please don’t be offended if I only read it ccasionally. I’m just not strong enough to handle my OWN issues, let alone yours AND mine!

So, I’ve been told by numerous mental health counselors that if the job seems overwhelming..(like deciding which of the many items rolling around in my head to write about…or, WORSE, tackling that horrible mess, the 16 inch layer of my crap that has been living on the dining room table since at LEAST September of last year….I STILL haven’t cleaned THAT up!!!!) I’ve been counseled to tackle it in “little bites”…to look at the project as several small sections, which are easier to complete INSTEAD of one HUGE project, which is overwhelming, and tends to immobilize me.

Those of you who might be coming here from my OTHER blog (, know that I tend to write lengthy rants about my “topic of the day”…perhaps this was part of what was “freezing” me. I have MANY things to talk about: vaping, Jodi Arias, my new french bulldog, Boo, and occasional rants about whatever happens to be working on me!

So, one down…five or six to go! Lets see how far I get today…

Stay happy, keep vaping, and pray for peace in our country and justice for the families of murder victims!


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