VAPING TIPS-Organization Cool carts, wow carts

Tips for the day….


Keeping your battery post, threads and all of your connections clean is vital to getting long life from your batteries!
I’ve acquired the habit of wiping the carto connection and battery posts every time I swap out carts or tanks…so I’ve been keeping a half-dozen or so q-tips drenched in alcohol in a snack Baggie…but, even double bagged, they sometimes dry out …I discovered that my honey always gets those small 3-4 packs of q-tips from whatever hotel he has been staying, and there were a bunch in his shaving kit…so I filched a few  of them and put a pack of them in my “to-go” kit (more on that later…) the only thing WRONG with that idea is that the q-tips are DRY!!!

I remembered that very early in my vape adVentures, I purchased a 7ml sample of one of the USA juices…and after i had vaped the contents, I couldn’t find a good use for that little bottle…now, as i searched for “the perfect little container”, it occurred to me that I could fill that little bottle with alcohol!! and add it to the contents already in my “to-go” kit!! Haha…problem solved!!  So dby adding a pack of 4-5 q-thips in a travel pack and a little dripper bottle full of 7ml of alcohol to my travel kit, I’m ready to wipe down any drip as it happens!  I just touch the tip of the alcohol bottle to one of the q-tips, and viola! I dont have to worry about pouring alcohol into a little cup, or cap or anything…works like a charm!!


I’ve also tried several things to carry my XL or my ego with either the mega cart ON it or with a tank on it….I FINALLY found  something that was the right size!! When I leave the house, I take two egos, 4 or 5 mega carts, a couple of tanks and at least one XL battery with a couple of prefilled cartos….(I’m prepared for TEOTWAWKI!! The end of the world as we know it)…
I carry a very large handbag/tote bag when I leave the house…especially when going to the doc or other errands…my ipad, IPhone, medications, wallet brush/comb, make up kit, 4 pair of glasses (sun glasses, driving-at-night glasses, reading glasses and regular glasses), digital camera, keys, flashlight, inhaler, travel size baby powder, hand lotion, make up bag… know all the junk you carry….
Well I would also toss in whatever container I was using to hold my vape stuff…and nothing seemed to hold all the stuff I needed, so I had two have two bags: an ego bag and a stick batt bag…a few weeks ago, when I was shopping for shoes over at design shoe warehouse, I went over to the handbag section, searching for a small handbag that wasn’t going to compete with my dress and shoes…I didnt want any thing with beads or sequins…just something PLAIN, and in the right color…as it happened…DSW was having a sale on some small handbags…they were VERY much like eyeglass classes but on STEROIDS!! They measure about 8″ long by 4.5 wide and about 3 ” deep (just an estimate) and they were HARD, perhaps metal covered with faux leather, and close with a large clasp…..they were on sale for $15,,,and are just long enough to fit an ego with mega carto…and deep enough to carry everything ELSE I need, and it easily fits into my purse; it is distinctive enough in shape and size for me to reach into my handbag and be able to put my hand on it immediately…
It holds: two 6.0 tanks, four 3.6 tanks, two egos with mega cartos, two extra mega cartos, two stick batts, several extra cool carts, the 7ml bottle of alcohol and q-tips, a few of those GUM brushes for emergencies, a safety pin for lifting posts and “the List”….

The List
I am easily confused, you know…so…I have a sheet of paper (taken from my scrapbook supplies) that lists the color and flavor contents of each of my tanks and mega carts…the list also includes the date when each carto/tank was installed/filled and what resistance the carto is…THE LIST is VERY helpful!!

I often find myself wondering “what was the resistance of the magenta tank?  How long has it been in use?  Here is my list:

   3.5:                                          Mega:
 Lav-outlaw.3.16/1.5.          Gr-peach. 4.13

Blu-bljack.3.09/1.5              Pk-bchbum 4.13
Mag-berry.3.19/2.0            Bk-JJ 3.09
Lim-bchbum.3.19 /1,5.       Sv-VMF. 2.28

So, you see that the oldest Mega cartomizer is the Sv (silver) filled with Vanilla Mocha Frappe, started 2.28.2012..  The oldest Tank cartomizer is the 6.0 Blue one filled with Blackjack berry with a 1.5 carto on 3/9/2012…the latest fills we’re the mega cartos: Green with peach cobbler and pink with beach bum on 4/13/2012…

The list sure helps me…I know when each carto was put into use, and what’s in it!!  It saves me a LOT of confusuion, and I keep the list in the top of my little evening bag that I toss into my purse!!

Ok…end of “tips for the day!!


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